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Leon Rosen helps kids and adults in the SF Peninsula find a different path to piano artistry. Are you serious about music but looking to find a lesson plan tailored to who you are? I teach creative musicians who feel locked out of traditional lessons but know they can acquire the skills if we work together and unlock the secrets! Parents are welcome to hang during the lessons, enjoy good wifi and a place to chill. Various toys for young kids and a full comic book rack. Band jams and summer intensive availabilities.

I teach five days, Sunday-Thurs. Unfortunately, all normal after school hours are currently full from 1pm onwards. Most weekday mornings are still ok from 8:30am to 1pm.  There is always time to study in the summers when many students are on vacation, and I can link you in for the Fall.


Students attending weekly lessons are invoiced on the last day of the month for the following month, four lessons to the month. I regretfully can not teach in home lessons.


Summer Recital 

Our 2017 Recital was staged at the Womans Club of Burlingame. Stay tuned for the date and location of our Fourth Annual piano recitals. This year we'll split into two days to give everyone more playing time and work with parents' schedules.  

Enjoy below uploads of the three groups who performed, Advanced, Intermediate and Beginners. Its not possible to include all performers, so I'll keep a rotating set of videos changing monthly, until our next recital!

Recital 2017 Act III: Advanced

After a student survives the hours of practice time, and makes it past basics, this is where the real fun begins...

Daniel performs the theme from "Downton Abbey."

Raina pierces the night with a phenomenal improvisation on "Au Privave" by Charlie Parker, and Gnomenreigen" by Franz Liszt. Raina studies jazz with me, and Classical with Thomas Hansen #au privave #women in jazz #franz liszt

Andrew performs "Funeral March" by Chopin (From Sonata 2, Opus 35), and "Prelude in C Minor" by J.S. Bach BWV 847 

Sophia dazzles all present with a fantastic galactic performance and improvisation on "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen. #bohemian Rhapsody #cover #queen #jazz #women in jazz

Young Sam astounds all who behold, with a performance of two Chopin preludes, "B Minor" opus 28 Nr 6, and "Raindrops" Opus 28 Nr 15

Kai performs "I Shot the Sheriff" by Bob Marley and "24k Magic" by Bruno Mars, with the band

Recital 2017 Act II: Intermediate

Intermediate students, beginning to progress in skill, understanding and reading...

Max performs "Same Love" by Macklemore (with the band)

Calvin plays "Medieval Piper," and "Clocks," by Coldplay

Audrey and Simon perform a jazz conversation

Mila performs "Spanish Caballero," and "Blues Jam"


Recital 2017 Act I: Beginners

From Mary Had a Little Lamb to little composers, our beginners are performing right from the start!

Jackson & Greyson play Annie Lennox "Sweet Dreams"

Ilsa plays "Carpenters" and "This Old Man"

Knox performs "Theme to Fallout 4," and "Knox's Theme"

Rory performs "Brother John (Frere Jacques)," "Minuet," "Mixed-Up Song," and "Orion the Hunter"
Lucas performs "In an Old Castle (Duet)," and "Jazz Blast"
Vevaan performs "Detective Agency" and "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John
Marcello performs "The Juggler," "Fur Elise," "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy," and "Gravity (an Original Composition)
Marcos performs "The Horseman's Night Ride" and "Minuet"