Leon + the Fantastic

I am your 21st Century Billy Joel


So as I was saying…

Over the years, my secret created this expectation that the world would just jump for joy the second they heard my immutable tunes. All I would have to do was upload it and boom, mega stardom. The world would be on the brink of change. I, ungraciously and paternalistically would guide music and life into the next era.

This was not an uncommon way of thinking for folks of my background, raised at the height of the San Francisco tension as ‘a tale of two cities’ came through to the first tech crash in the mid 2000s, when it was still possible to be a san Francisco hippie with no apartment, bad hygene and a dream.

But that lesson didn’t learn’d me. And I released my EP, Let Me Cool, to a wee bit of fanfare, but mostly a bit of resounding thump of disappointment. Fortunately I’m too stupid to learn from my mistakes.

This song is about my years ‘having a song to sing.’ Which was a secret plot, my secret plan. And how special dreams can be, even as they come crashing down to the floor of reality.

I recorded this song at the legendary Fantasy Studios the year before it closed its doors for good. After they closed, I brought the song to Cody, a former intern at Fantasy (a do-everything sorta guy) who I befriended there and looked up when the studio closed.

Cody and I added the final vocals, synthesizers, and expanded on a musical interlude mid song. We had some amazing pedal steel guitar takes that I loved and spent a fortune on recording at Fantasy, but we ultimately felt did not serve the song. I have been criticized that often my musical interludes take over the songs too far, (according to one reviewer, he was “caught off guard by the key changes.”  I like criticism and take it to heart, which is why I’m sharing this story with you.

We made this interlude really open things up but yet feel an essential part of the song, keeping the vibe but honoring that I do like interludes.

Enjoy this song, “igotasongtosing” - please include your comments below, and vote on whether this song should be a single on my upcoming project, and whether it should be considered for a music video!